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Top 5 2018 Real Estate & Home Trends in Arizona

It can be difficult to predict what trends or fads might quickly fade away and which ones might make a lasting impression. This is a theme that applies to art movements, fashion trends, interior design, and other aesthetic styles. Experts have analyzed the trends from recent months and predict the following five real estate and Read more about Top 5 2018 Real Estate & Home Trends in Arizona[…]

How to Get a Realtor’s License in Arizona

Do you have what it takes to become a realtor in Arizona? As it turns out, not that many people are aware of the extent of the requirements to become a real estate agent. If you’re looking to start your real estate or property management career, it is our hope that this article provides you Read more about How to Get a Realtor’s License in Arizona[…]

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What Questions Should You Be Asking A Remodel Contractor?

Here are a few tips to help you select the best contractor for the job Apart from the difficult tasks of deciding which way should you get your home remodeled, talking to your prospective contractor or the architects who would be favoring the remodeling is a tough job as well? Many homeowners plan to ask Read more about What Questions Should You Be Asking A Remodel Contractor?[…]

Choosing the Best Color for Your Kitchen

Tips for Selecting Colors that Complement

Choosing paint can be a tedious and disappointing procedure when there are such huge numbers of shades to pick.
With regards to kitchens, white, dark, blue, red, yellow, and green truly sparkle. Each of these shades can accomplish something other than what’s expected for the room, yet they all assistance make a warm and inviting space.  Review kitchen remodel examples to get your creativity going. […]

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Local Company, AZ Junk, Helps Boost Phoenix Tourism

AZ Junk is a game changer when it comes to keeping Phoenix beautiful. There is no place like the Valley of the Sun. Everyone wishes they could be here – our mountains, our sunsets, our lakes and rivers make this the place to be. Our cities, communities, and citizens make visitors return time and again.

But to keep the flow of visitors coming to the Valley we need to keep Phoenix beautiful. Illegal dumping has risen as much as 20% since last year. With the housing market changing so rapidly, there is an influx of people moving in and out of homes. As a result, many Phoenix residences are left to manage all the stuff they no longer want to move with them to their new home. Instead of people reaching out to companies who offer sofa removal services, many of them take matters into their own hands and haul everything to a nearby alley, abandoned lot or drop it off at a random commercial property. Illegal dumping grounds present many problems for our communities not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but also from an economic perspective.


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Real Estate Articles Index (Real estate articles are listed by Article # and Publication Date) # Category Topic Title Author Date 056 Home Buying/Selling Home Price Increase Your Home’s Selling Price Calvin V. Miller 05/13/07 055 Home Buying/Selling Home Inspection City Inspectors Not Doing Their Job! Jerry Carnes 05/13/07 054 Home Buying/Selling Real Estate Agents Read more about Our Real Estate Articles[…]

Our Real Estate Signs & Accessories

Our Real Estate Signs & Accessories In addition to Advertising, we sell quality real estate signs and real estate accessories. Our real estate signs include standard real estate signs as well as custom real estate signs. Home Advancement (HA) real estate signs are typically shipped as replacements and/or supplements to our customers during the service Read more about Our Real Estate Signs & Accessories[…]